Melissa Armstrong-Brine, PhD
(term expires 2022)
MetroHealth Medical Center

Shruti Tewar, MBBS
(term expires 2023)
University of Arkansas Medical Sciences


The Membership Committee continues to implement initiatives to increase membership numbers and organizational diversity (i.e., professional, racial, ethnic, and age). We have expanded our membership by reaching out with invitation letters to colleagues in related medical organizations, academic institutions and to board-certified physicians (i.e., behavioral and developmental pediatrics and neurodevelopmental disabilities). We have also updated the website and membership applications to reflect more inclusive language and to reflect additions to the organizations/professional societies list. Additional work on better defining the professional roles and specialty areas of the membership application is ongoing. A display/demonstration board for display at professional meetings/conferences is under development. The committee is currently exploring options to better clarify requirements for international members in developing and developed countries. The committee is actively seeking input on how to increase the participation of practicing/community pediatricians in developmental and behavioral pediatrics in the SDBP, while continuing to expand our membership among academicians. The committee is open to new members and welcomes creative ideas. We welcome both old and new members to expand their involvement by joining our committee. Please contact the committee chairs listed above if you would like to learn more about our initiatives.