The Nominations Committee consists of five persons: the Immediate Past President, the President, and three representatives from the general membership appointed by the Board of Directors. The three appointed members must represent the Interprofessional nature of the organization and may not be current members of the Board of Directors. The Immediate Past President is the Chair of the Committee. Membership on the Nominations Committee shall not be viewed as conflicting with membership on a regular standing committee. Currently serving members of the Nominations Committee shall not be eligible for nomination.

The Nominations Committee reviews nominations submitted from the membership, expands that list as needed, and presents a slate of candidates to the membership for the President Elect and the Board of Directors. The Nominations Committee will be expected to offer a slate with at least two candidates for each open position.

The Nominations Committee will ensure that the proposed slate accurately reflects the professional diversity of the general membership and that candidates offer the desired skills identified by the Board of Directors.

DEI Training and Promoting Practices for Nominations Committee

Promoting DEI in Nominations ppt