Robert Keder, MD
(term expires 2022)
Connecticut Children's / University of Connecticut

Jenna Wallace, PsyD
(term expires 2022)
West Virginia University Medicine


The Advocacy Committee is an interdisciplinary group of SDBP members promoting one of the SDBP's Strategic Plan goals - "to be a leader in advocacy regarding public policy for children and professionals in the field." Current goals of the committee include:

  1. Increase SDBP members' awareness of the public policy issues that impact the wellbeing of children and their families. Committee members review pending national legislature and policy initiatives identified through emerging SDBP liaisons/partnerships with organizations such as the AAP, SRCD, APA and Zero to Three.
  2. Utilize an Advocacy Listserv for interested SDBP members to communicate time sensitive information about national public policy issues and advocacy to equip members to respond at the national, local and state levels.
  3. Increase the number of Commentaries published in the JDBP that relate to policy and advocacy topics. Also, increase reviews of books and films that have policy/advocacy implications as yet another way to bring relevant public policy issues to membership attention.
  4. Facilitate linkages with experts within SDBP membership when requests for support in conducting advocacy activities are received from SDBP members or from outside professional organizations.

The Advocacy Committee meets at the Annual Meeting and by periodic conference calls throughout the year. SDBP Members are encouraged to join the committee. If interested, please email the chairs listed above.

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