Introduction to Primary Care Behavioral Pediatrics: A Guide for Behavior Analysts
J. Chris McGinnis, PhD, BCBA-D
(Posted 1/26/2024)
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Essential Skills for Struggling Learners: A Framework for Student Support Teams
Erik von Hahn, MD, Sheldon H. Horowitz, Ed.D, Caroline Linse, Ed.D
(Posted 9/15/2021)
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Raising and Organized Child: 5 Steps to Boost Independence, Ease Frustration, and Promote Confidence
Damon Korb, MD, FAAP
(Posted 12/5/2020)

Mindful Parenting for ADHD: A Guide to Cultivating Calm, Reducing Stress, and Helping Children Thrive
Mark Bertin, MD
(Posted 10/5/2016)

The Silenced Child: From Labels, Medications, and Quick-Fix Solutions to Listening, Growth, and Lifelong Resilience
Claudia M. Gold, MD
(Posted 6/22/2016)
Available from publisher (Da Capo Press & Lifelong Books) here

Encounters with Children: Pediatric Behavior and Development (4th Edition)
Suzanne D. Dixon, MD, MPH and Martin T. Stein, MD
(Posted 5/28/2014)
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The Rise of Consciousness and the Development of Emotional Life
Michael Lewis
Published by Guilford Press (November 2013, $50). Call (212) 431-9800 or visit for more information.
(Posted 5/28/2014)

Identifying and Addressing Developmental-Behavioral Problems: A practical guide for medical and non-medical professionals, trainees, researchers and advocates
Edited by Frances P. Glascoe, K.P. Marks, J.K. Poon and Michelle M. Macias
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(Posted 5/28/2014)

Redesigning Health Care for Children with Disabilities Strengthening Inclusion, Contribution, and Health
Author: Heidi M. Feldman Invited Contributors: Nathan J. Blum M.D., Alexis Hansen M.D.
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