Kimberly Burkhart, PhD
(term expires 2025)
UH Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital/Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Yasmin Senturias, MD
(term expires 2025)
Atrium Health/Wake Forest Medical School

  • To provide a forum for dialogue among SDBP members on FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders)

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders affect as many as one in 20 school-aged children in the United States. The most common presenting features involve challenges in development, behavior, and social-emotional functioning . The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder SIG provides a forum for members who take care of children with FASDs to engage with one another and collaborate in practice, education, research and advocacy related to prenatal alcohol and substance exposures as they relate to developmental and behavioral pediatric practice. The SIG aims to educate all SDBP members and affiliates of this highly preventable, prevalent, and impactful disorder through submitted abstracts and workshops.  Opportunities for members to learn about current diagnosis, management, and policy issues related to FASD will be provided. The SIG will also serve as a forum to promote collaborative research and advocacy for any public policy that supports children and families living with FASDs with the most recent being S2238: Advancing FASD Research, Services and Prevention Act or the FASD Respect Act.

 Planned Activities
  • The FASD SIG will plan workshops and other educational sessions for the SDBP annual meeting and other activities in which SDBP members participate (AAP NCE, etc.).
  • The FASD SIG will formally work to help increase diagnostic capacities for FASDs in various states.
  • The FASD SIG will work on collaborative research on FASDs (creation of a database).
  • The FASD SIG will also work on advocacy for children with FASDs.

Useful Resouces/External Links

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