Allison Dempsey, PhD
(term expires 2024)
Children's Hospital Colorado/Univ Colorado School of Medicine

Katherine Steingass, MD
(term expires 2023)
Nationwide Children's Hospital


The purpose of the Early Childhood Special Interest Group is to serve as a forum within SDBP to discuss and address with colleagues, across institutions and locales, important developmental and behavioral issues of young children, from birth to 5 years-11 months.

The EC-SIG consists of four work groups:

  • Screening in Primary Care
  • Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)
  • NICU Follow-Up
  • Positive Parenting
Past/Current Projects
  • Educational Workshops at SDBP annual meetings
  • SDBP-sponsored webinar on understanding and screening for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders
  • Contributing to a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal
  • Proposing a position statement to the SDBP Board
  • Conducted a survey of North American NICU follow-up providers
  • Contributed to a book, the publisher's invitation having resulted from a workshop conducted at an SDBP annual meeting
  • Conducted workshops at annual meetings of other pediatric associations
New Members

New members are welcome! New members are asked to join a work group and are encouraged to participate in the group's project(s). EC-SIG membership, and contributing to a project, can help develop one's national status for academic advancement. Any SDBP member interested in joining the EC-SIG should contact one of the EC-SIG co-chairs.
The time commitment depends on the particular work group and project. Most work groups communicate via on-line exchanges, such as email and Dropbox, and/or hold conference calls.
The EC-SIG, as a whole, meets at the SDBP annual meeting. Work groups typically meet at the SDBP annual meeting, as well. Interested SDBP members, as well as new EC-SIG members, are strongly encouraged to attend the EC-SIG related meetings at the SDBP annual meeting.