International Collaborative Office Rounds 2 (iCOR2) Inter-Professional Learning Around Psychosocial, Developmental and Behavioral Health

What is iCOR2

iCOR2 is an interprofessional monthly meeting of US and possibly international clinicians that includes Primary Care Pediatricians, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians (DBP), Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists (CAP), and other MCH professionals, including psychologists, nurse practitioners and social workers and trainees, via video-conferencing. The purpose is to discuss real cases from the participants’ practice using a reflective peer supervision model.
The goals of the program are to:

  • Learn different approaches to developmental, behavioral and emotional problems
  • Examine the effects of trauma and social, political and/or economic distress on children and families
  • Improve pediatric primary care clinicians’ capacity to recognize and manage psychosocial and developmental concerns within their practice
  • Appreciate the role of cultural and national/legal differences, and practice variation in the care of children with developmental, behavioral and emotional problems

What is a Site?

  • A broad interprofessional team of at least 5 individuals that must include the participation of general pediatrics, DBP and/or CAP. Other MCH professionals and trainees are encouraged to participate!
  • 3 sites will be strategically linked through videoconferencing, according to their goals, interests, location and populations served. The three sites form a “node” and will meet a minimum of 10 times per year via videoconference. At least one DBP and/or CAP from each site must be willing to serve as the moderator or alternative moderator for the “node.”
  • Applications for sites are currently under review. More information to come.

What does a Site do?

  • Meets monthly for 2 years during the academic year resulting in 10 sessions/year. Meetings will last 1½ hours. Attendance at each meeting should be ≥ 80%
  • Alternates presenting cases with the other sites in the node
  • Completes (1) a baseline needs assessment and survey, (2) brief evaluations after every session, (3) a session summary when they are the presenting site, and (4) yearly evaluations
  • Documents that iCOR2 members will have 2 hours/month to participate fully in the program (such as a letter from a chairman)

ICOR2 - Anticipated Benefits

  • SDBP will provide the video infrastructure for groups to meet and a share point site to communicate in between teleconference sessions
  • Participants will be trained and mentored around leading and participating in COR groups
  • Participants will develop extensive interprofessional networks across the country and internationally
  • Participants will have access to a broad interprofessional group of experts
  • There is no charge for participation!

iCOR2 is a collaboration of the iCOR2 Committee, the Society for Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, and the International Developmental Pediatrics Association, and is funded by MCHB.