The HEADs Up Act is a bi-partisan bill re-introduced in the 118th Congress on May 16, 2023. This bill was previously introduced in the 117th Congress, but did not move out of the subcommittee. The bill is currently in the Subcommittee on Health for review as of May 19, 2023 and our hope is that with your support and advocacy efforts, this bill will move to the next phase of the legislative process.

What would the HEADs UP Act of 2023 provide?

  • Would designate people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) as a “Medically Underserved Population,” which would increase access for individuals with I/DD to more than 25 federal programs and agencies.
  • Would increase access to loan repayment and training programs for providers who work with individuals with I/DD.
  • Would provide incentives for physicians to treat this population by increasing reimbursement rates for services delivered.
  • Would authorize the Department of Health and Human Services to award grants to health centers that provide services for individuals with I/DD.
  • Would potentially increase research due to preference given to federal research studying medically underserved populations.

How can you help?

  • Tweet about it! Locate your representative’s Twitter handle by visiting this link below and schedule 5 minutes a day to send a tweet

 You can copy and paste the Tweets below!

  • First Tweet: Support the #HEADsUP Act that helps to increase access to behavioral, medical and dental care for people with I/DD, including those with #autism. @(enter your representative’s Twitter handle here), please cosponsor this bill!


  • Second Tweet: The #HEADsUP Act supports professionals interested in and currently collaborating with individuals with I/DD and their families on their behavioral, medical, and dental care, including those with #autism. @(enter your representative’s Twitter handle here), please cosponsor this bill!


  • Third Tweet: The #HEADsuP Act would increase access to behavioral, medical, and dental care for children with I/DD, including children with #autism, who often wait extended periods of time for necessary medically necessary mental and healthcare services. @(enter your representative’s Twitter handle here), please cosponsor this bill!
  • E-mail your representatives! You can use the link below to quickly e-mail your representatives urging them to co-sponsor this bill or you can draft your own e-mail.

If you do not know who your reps are,  FIND YOUR REP HERE!

  • CLICK HERE to send an e-mail to your representative in under 2 minutes! You will be redirected to the Autism Speaks website.
  • CLICK HERE for a sample e-mail template you can easily modify if you prefer to contact your representative directly via e-mail.
  • Call your rep!!! You can also call your representative by phone, but make sure to leave a message if they do not answer! You can locate your representative using the link above.

Tips when calling:

  • Introduce yourself as a constituent
  • Briefly discuss the problem and utilize personal examples and stories if applicable
  • Offer a solution
  • Ask for action (I strongly encourage you to support the HEADs UP Act)