World Health Organization COVID-19 tips for Healthy Parenting

Mental health and psychosocial considerations focusing on the messages for parents of young children

ASD-related COVID-19 resources for families and professionals

COVID 19 Resources for Families ACS

COVID 19 Resources for IDDD Individuals

Supporting Grieving Students During a Pandemic: A guide to using the Coalition to Support Grieving Students materials


SDBP members - guidance regarding COVID-19 for patients and families

With communities responding rapidly to the changing situation and tons of news coming over the airwaves, how do we respond to our children's questions about coronavirus, even the very young ones?

This blog will serve as a running collection of all the guidance that various members of SDBP are providing to their communities around the country and the world.

Robert Keder, MD, a developmental pediatrician at Connecticut Children's.
How parents should talk to their kids about Coronavirus (video)
8 tips for talking to kids about Coronavirus (blog)

Damon Korb, MD, DBP and author of Raising an Organized Child.
Parenting in a Pandemic
Working, Parenting and Sheltering in Place

David Schonfeld, MD, DBP and member of the AAP Council on Disaster Preparedness
A guide to keeping your child safe and reassured as coronavirus spreads

Christina Low Kapalu, PHD, Child Psychologist at Children's Mercy Kansas City
Kansas City's Kids Have Questions About The Coronavirus - Here's How To Talk To Them
How to talk to kids who are worried about coronavirus (coverage begins at 16:50:15)
Talking to kids about COVID-19 (blog)

Dr. Bethany Ziss, DBP at the AHN Pediatrics - Pediatric Alliance Bloomfield
Changing Routines for COVID-19 (blog)

Jenny Radesky, DBP at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan
Social Distancing and Kids Q&A: Live from Michigan Medicine
How do you manage fighting kids during a lockdown?
How to manage your kids' screen time during coronavirus
Melissa & Doug "Stuck Inside Guide"
Our Best Play Ideas For When Kids Are Stuck At Home
Parents, How Are You Doing?

Kate Wallis, MD, DBP at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Shruti Mittal, MD, DBP at Atrium Health Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics of the Carolinas
Tips for Kids with Special Needs During COVID-19 Outbreak

Nerissa S. Bauer, MD, MPH, at Let's Talk Health
Parenting in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic