ALERT: Feedback on ACGME
Revisions to Pediatric Residency Education
DUE AUGUST 23, 2023

Our voices have been heard!
Our job is not done...

In response to the overwhelming number of comments received, the ACGME has reversed their decision to eliminate the requirement for a board-certified Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric(DBP) faculty in Pediatric residency programs (while preserving the long-standing ability for programs to apply for a waiver allowing the DBP rotation to be taught by another qualified professional, whose credentials must be approved by the ACGME, if no Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians are available).

Now our task is to seal the deal by leaving a comment on the ACGME website expressing support for the current proposal – which must be done by 8/23/23.

ACGME Pediatrics Residency Program Requirement July 2023 Revision

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