SDBP Development Fund

The Development Fund provides financial support for SDBP programs such as:

SDBP General Development Fund and New Initiatives
As the field of developmental and behavioral pediatrics matures, new initiatives and opportunities continuously arise. The Society created a new strategic plan for 2012-2017 with several new initiatives outlined including an increased multidisciplinary training role, increased participation in initiation of policy statements and expanding our role in the creation of and dissemination of entrusted physician activities for certification and training. Support directed to this fund will be used to support new initiatives initiated by the Board with membership support.

SDBP Research Grant Award
The SDBP Research Grant Award consists of a one-year grant of up to $10,000 to promote research in developmental and behavioral pediatrics by a young investigator in the field. This has been a goal of the Society for several years, and was finally instituted in 2005. Society resources at present have been able to fund only one award annually; with additional support, SDBP will be able to continue and expand this valuable program which provides support for future leaders in developmental-behavioral pediatrics early in their careers. Support directed to this fund will go directly to support the award.

International and Underdeveloped Countries Scholarships and Diversity Fund
Developmental and behavioral pediatrics health professionals from other countries benefit from the variety of educational formats that take place at the SDBP Annual Meeting; in addition within the US and Canada there is a need to expand our society into communities and cultures which are underrepresented. However, the costs of travel and registration for residents of some countries pose a significant burden and prevent participation in this conference as do issues of expense to the individual. Availability of these scholarships will encourage the exchange of new scientific and clinical information and support the interchange of opinions regarding care and management issues relevant to developmental and behavioral pediatrics among members from a wide variety of countries and diverse communities. Support directed to this fund will be awarded on an annual basis to any qualified member applicant who applies to the Society to travel to an annual meeting.

SDBP Endowment Fund
The annual operating budget is tightly planned and managed to predict for variations in membership, meeting attendance and unexpected costs. The Endowment Fund would be a protected fund that would be invested and reinvested annually to build up a solid base from which the Society could function in times of fiscal challenge. Support directed to this fund would only be used by decision of the Executive Board in a fiscal emergency.

Help Fund a Fellow to Attend the Research Scholars Symposium at the annual meeting
The Annual Research Scholars Symposium was introduced in 2014 and has been a huge success. The Symposium takes place just prior to the SDBP Annual Meeting and gives research fellows the opportunity to present their work in progress and gain feedback in a national multidisciplinary forum outside of their institution and also interact with other trainees and faculty and develop leadership skills. SDBP funds the entire 2 day program for all attendees and directly supports the Society's mission of "improving the health and well being of children and their families by supporting interdisciplinary professionals to advance the field of developmental and behavioral pediatrics."




Robert F. Belknap MD, MPH Cohasset MA Karen Bresnahan MD Boston MA
Bonnie W. Camp MD, PhD Denver CO Daniel L. Coury MD Columbus OH
Anne DeBattista PhD,CPNP CPMHS Palo Alto CA Heidi M. Feldman MD,PhD Palo Alto CA
Robin L. Hansen MD Sacramento CA Nancy E Lanphear MD Vancouver BC
Michelle M. Macias MD Charleston SC Ellen C. Perrin MD Brookline MA
James M. Perrin MD Boston MA Adrian D Sandler MD Asheville NC
David Schonfeld MD Los Angeles CA Jean C. Smith MD Chapel Hill NC
Franklin Trimm MD Mobile AL Paul Wang MD Madison CT


Gregory Blaschke MD, MPH, FAAP Portland OR Nathan J. Blum MD Narberth PA
Carolyn Bridgemohan MD Boston MA Viren D’Sa MD Attleboro MA
Rebecca A. Hazen PhD Cleveland OH Pamela C. High MD,MS Providence RI
Sarah Nyp MD Shawnee KS Michael E. Reichel MD, MPH Greenville NC
Terry Stancin PhD Cleveland OH Martin T. Stein MD La Jolla CA
Carol Weitzman MD Woodbridge CT


Marilyn Augustyn MD Somerville MA Rebecca A Baum MD Columbus OH
Brad D. Berman MD Walnut Creek CA Eugenia Chan MD,MPH Boston MA
Irene Cihon Dietz MD Shaker Heights OH Robert Keder MD Farmington CT
Irene Koolwijk MD,MPH Los Angeles CA Damon R. Korb MD Los Gatos CA
Alan Mendelsohn MD New York NY Monica R. Meyer MD Woodstock NY
Gary Phillips MAS Nemo SD Leonard A. Rappaport MD,MS Jamaica Plain MA
Nancy J. Roizen MD Shaker Hts OH Nicole Tartaglia MD Aurora CO
James P. Van Decar MD Brentwood TN Samuel H. Zinner MD Seattle WA


Robin Adair MD Fairport NY Tahira Adelekan MD Centerville OH
Andrew Adesman MD Lake Success NY Lynn K. Aiken PNP, MS Phoenix AZ
Nidia Alduncin MD San Diego CA Abeer Alharbi MD - PHD equ Riyadh
Julia Anixt MD Cincinnati OH David Ansel MD Stanford CA
Melissa Armstrong-Brine PhD Cleveland OH A. Joseph Avni-Singer MD New Haven CT
Glen P. Aylward PhD Springfield IL William J. Barbaresi MD Boston MA
Ronald G. Barr MDCM Vancouver BC Ami Bear MD Eugene OR
Blanche Benenson MD Bronx NY Susan P. Berger PhD Chicago IL
Carol D. Berkowitz MD Torrance CA Robin K. Blitz MD Phoenix AZ
Denise Bothe MD Willoughby Hills OH Lauren Boyd MD Maywood IL
Dana Brazdziunas MD Downers Grove IL Scott J. Brown MD Portland OR
Gray Buchanan PhD Greenville SC Erica Buhrmann MD Albany CA
Sharon Burey MD Tecumseh ON Elizabeth B. Caronna MD Waban MA
Ayesha Cheema-Hasan MD Abu Dhabi David O Childers, Jr. MD,FAAP Jacksonville FL
Michael Ching MD, MPH Honolulu HI Deborah J. Christiansen MD,FAAP Knoxville TN
Mark Cohen MD, FAAP Santa Clara CA Richard B. Coolman MD, MPH San Jose CA
Meghan Davignon MD El Dorado Hills CA test Degnon MD austin TN
Laura Degnon CAE Rockville MD Alma Patricia Del Angel MD San Antonio TX
Suzanne D. Dixon MD, MPH San Diego CA Bruce Doenecke MD Golden CO
Benard P. Dreyer MD New York NY Kathryn A. Ellerbeck MD, MPH Kansas City KS
Cynthia R. Ellis MD Omaha NE Marilisa Elrod MD,PhD Chesapeake VA
Candace J. Erickson MD, MPH New York NY Carol A. Forssell MD Suffolk VA
Jessica Foster MD,MPH Hudson OH Lois Freisleben-Cook MD Sioux Falls SD
Sandra L. Friedman MD Aurora CO Tanya Froehlich MD Cincinnati OH
Felma J. Fuentes MD, FAAP Bakersfield CA Jill J. Fussell MD Little Rock AR
Regina A. Gargus MD Pensacola FL Ana Catarina Garnecho MD Providence RI
Carol B. Garrison MD Kansas City MO Frances P. Glascoe PhD Knoxville TN
Linda Grossman MD Baltimore MD Maricela D. Gulbronson MD Corpus Christi TX
Jody Gurtler MA/MS White Heath IL Randi J. Hagerman MD Sacramento CA
Kristin Hannibal MD Sewickley PA Laura Hans MD Vallejo CA
Martin T. Hoffman MD Springville NY Barbara J. Howard MD Baltimore MD
Yamini J. Howe MD Lexington MA Quentin A. Humberd MD Cunningham TN
Carolyn E. Ievers-Landis PhD Cleveland OH Sai Iyer MD Los Angeles CA
Constance H. Keefer MD Cambridge MA Desmond P. Kelly MD Greenville SC
Louise S. Kiessling Fair MD Wakefield RI Jennifer SH Kiing MBBS, FRACP Singapore NA
Abigail Kroening MD Rochester NY Maureen Kruskal MD Newton MA
Ave M Lachiewicz MD Chapel Hill NC Diane Langkamp MD Akron OH
Daniel Wilder Larrow MD,FAAP Lexington KY Michele Laverdiere MD New York NY
Marc A. Lerner MD Santa Ana CA Jack Levine MD Great Neck NY
Diane Liebe MD,FAAP Yakima WA Christopher Lind-White MD, MPH Nicasio CA
Catherine Lipman MD Cleveland OH Lynn R. Liston M.S.Ed Belvidere IL
Irene Loe MD San Francisco CA Orawan Louthrenoo MD Chiang Mai
Kimberly Macferran MD Midland TX Aparna Mallik MD Montclair NJ
Susanne P. Martin Herz MD,PhD Oakland CA Patricia M. McGuire MD,FAAP Cadott WI
Robyn Mehlenbeck PhD Fairfax VA Raun Melmed MD Scottsdale AZ
Maria Mendoza MD Louisville KY Karen Miller MD Brookline MA
William L Mize MD Galveston TX Abraham Moskow MD Barnwell SC
Cy Nadler PhD Kansas City MO Robert Needlman MD Pepper Pike OH
Britt Nielsen PsyD Cleveland OH Jeffrey K. Okamoto MD Honolulu HI
Karen Olness MD Kenyon MN David O’Banion MD Atlanta GA
Lauren O’Connell MD Flint MI Lee M. Pachter DO Elkins Park PA
Janet Patterson MD Springfield IL Randall A. Phelps MD,PhD Eugene OR
Mary E. Pipan MD Swarthmore PA Lisa Prock MD,MPH Wellesley MA
Charles Ralston MD Murray UT Sajani Raman MD Staten Island NY
Karen Ratliff-Schaub MD Greenville SC Desiree Rodgers MD Fresno CA
Karen L. Rogers MD Lubbock TX Maris Dobrow Rosenberg MD New York NY
Christina Sakai MD Boston MA Nina Sand-Loud MD Lebanon NH
Alyssa Schlenz PhD Charleston SC Lisa Spector MD Orlando FL
Annelise Spees MD,FAAP Colorado Springs CO Stephanie C Spinelli OTR Orlando FL
Adiaha Spinks-Franklin MD,MPH Houston TX Gopal Srinivasan MD Willowbrook IL
George S. Starr MD Dewitt NY H. Lynn Starr MD Philadelphia PA
Stephanie Straka DO Hellertown PA Kimberlly L. Stringer MD,MPH Madison MS
Scott W. Stuart MD, MS Austin TX Raymond A. Sturner MD Baltimore MD
Meera Sukumaran MBBS Fremont CA Stephen B. Sulkes MD, FAAP Rochester NY
Stuart W. Teplin MD Chapel Hill NC Shruti Tewar MBBS Iowa City IA
Renee C. Wachtel MD San Leandro CA Lynn M. Wegner MD Chapel Hill NC
Beth G. Wildman PhD Kent OH Carol Wilkinson MD,PhD Boston MA
Mark L. Wolraich MD Oklahoma City OK Cynthia Wong MD Los Angeles CA
Jeffrey H Yang MD Los Angeles CA Yvette E. Yatchmink MD,PhD Bristol RI
Larry Yin MD, MSPH Los Angeles CA Elizabeth Young MD Macon GA
Julie Youssef DO,MPH Los Altos CA Michael Zilibowitz MBBCh, FRACP Seaforth
Kim Zlomke PhD Mobile AL Katharine Zuckerman MD,MPH Portland OR
Richard A. von Rueden MD Marblehead MA