Interprofessional Leadership for
Developmental-Behavioral Health


Co-Chairs:Rachel Amgott, NP
(term expires 2022)
Boston Medical Center
Jennie Olson, RN MS CPNP PMHS
(term expires 2021)


The purpose of the Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) Section is to provide a forum within the SDBP organization which represents the special interests and promotes the professional development of advanced practice nurses (APRN’S) and clinicians working in developmental and behavioral pediatrics.


  • To provide an opportunity for networking with APRN colleagues in developmental and behavioral pediatrics
  • To increase APRN membership in SDBP
  • To increase APRN representation on SDBP committees
  • To align with other professional nursing organizations to support and promote the role of advanced practice nurses in developmental and behavioral pediatrics
  • To share professional education opportunities and patient care resource information

Useful Resources/External Links

2018 and 2019 SDBP-NAPNAP symposium web-based content available!

2019: These comprehensive courses will improve participants’ skills in prescribing the range of psychopharmacologic agents to pediatric and adolescent patients through a developmental lens.
Topics covered include ADHD and Complex ADHD (tics, depression, anxiety), Autism, Intellectual
Disabilities and Genetic Disorders, Monitoring Tools, Collaborating with Families, and Resources for Families.
Click here for more details  and access to recordings.

2018: Walk through engaging, three-part case studies on ADHD and autism, designed to review the diagnostic presentation and appropriate assessment tools, formulation of diagnosis with interpretation of developmental and behavioral assessment measures, treatment options including psychopharmacology, family support and ongoing monitoring of a child with multiple common developmental and behavioral concerns. 
Click here for more details and access to recordings.

DBMH Resource (

is an online educational asset-management site containing 35+ developmental, behavioral, and mental health topics. Every page is organized by evidence-based assessments, screenings, position papers, practice parameters, peer-reviewed articles, vetted resources, and relevant organizations, and all are tagged by age considerations (e.g., infant-neonate, toddler, school-age, adolescence). Additionally, there are separate resource pages on primary care-behavioral health integration, prevention, and general community resources.

This innovative website is a collaborative effort between the members of the Developmental-Behavioral Mental Health Special Interest Group of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (an affiliate organization of SDBP) to aggregate the best-known free resources on the web within the child development and mental health field.