Interprofessional Leadership for
Developmental-Behavioral Health

Early Childhood Special Interest Group

Co-Chairs:Robin Adair, MD
(term expires 2018)
Miguelina German, PhD
(term expires 2019)
Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine


The purpose of the Early Childhood Special Interest Group is to serve as a forum within SDBP to discuss and address with colleagues, across institutions and locales, important developmental and behavioral issues of young children, from birth to 5 years-11 months.

The EC-SIG consists of five work groups:

  • Screening in Primary Care
  • Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)
  • Early Intervention
  • NICU Follow-Up
  • Positive Parenting

Past/Current Projects

Examples of past and current projects include:

  • Presented an SDBP-sponsored webinar on understanding and screening for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders
  • Conducted a survey of North American providers
  • Proposing SDBP position statement related to early childhood
  • Conducted a workshop at the annual meeting of a pediatric association
  • Conducting a literature review with the goal of submitting a manuscript for publication

New Members

New members are welcome! New members are asked to join a work group and are encouraged to participate in the group’s project(s). Membership and contributing to a project can help develop one’s national status for academic advancement. Any SDBP member interested in joining the EC-SIG should contact one of the EC-SIG co-chairs.

The time commitment depends on the particular work group and project. Most work groups communicate via on-line exchanges, such as email and Dropbox, and/or hold conference calls once or twice a year.

The EC-SIG, as a whole, meets at the SDBP annual meeting; work groups typically meet at the SDBP annual meeting, as well. Interested SDBP members, as well as new EC-SIG members, are strongly encouraged to attend the EC-SIG related meetings at the SDBP annual meeting.

SIG News/Recent Activity

  1. The Screening in Primary Care work group will conduct an Educational Workshop at the 2015 SDBP annual meeting.
  2. The PMADs work group will conduct an Educational Workshop at the 2015 SDBP annual meeting.
  3. The NICU Follow-Up work group will conduct a Concurrent Session at the 2015 SDBP annual meeting.
  4. The NICU Follow-Up work group, upon submitting the required intent request, is in discussion with the SDBP Board of Directors regarding a position statement on NICU follow-up.
  5. The Early Intervention work group has drafted a substantial manuscript on “national and state Part C EI issues, as well as the evidence base for early intervention approaches,” with the goal of submitting it for peer-reviewed publication.
  6. The Positive Parenting group is conducting two systematic literature reviews of evidence-based positive parenting programs for the first 5 years of life - one on interventions, the other on prevention.