Interprofessional Leadership for
Developmental-Behavioral Health

Autism Special Interest Group

Co-Chairs:Karen Ratliff-Schaub, MD
(term expires 2018)
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Yvette E. Yatchmink, MD, PhD
(term expires 2017)
Brown Medical School


The Autism SIG provides a forum for members who take care of children with autism to engage with one another through discussions on an active listserv and in person at the Annual Meeting. There are opportunities for members to learn about current research, policy, treatment and public health in autism from experts in the field at the Annual Meeting.

Recent Activity:

At SDBP in Nashville last year, over 100 people attended the Autism SIG and provided positive feedback about the content of our program.

Below are some of the presentations at the 2014 SDBP Autism SIG.

What’s New with IAN? - Paul H. Lipkin, MD

Early Identification of ASD: Person to Population - Cathy Rice, PhD

AIR-P / AS ATN Updates - Daniel Coury, MD, FAAP

We are in the process of planning for our Autism SIG meeting at the Annual SDBP meeting, which is being held in Las Vegas this year. Our plan so far is to once again include a presentation on the Top 10 articles of the year related to autism, since this was such a popular segment of last year’s SIG. There has been a lot of interest in genetic advances and we are in the process of arranging for a guest speaker to present the latest research in the genetics of autism. Members of the Autism SIG have expressed an interest in having more time for discussion and networking. We are considering devoting a portion of the SIG this year to facilitated break-out sessions on a variety of topics of interest in Autism. We are looking forward to another lively discussion at the SDBP in Las Vegas.