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SDBP Research GrantWin $10000

Deadline Extended to April 28, 2015.

The Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics is very excited about the SDBP 2015 Research Grant. Again this year, SDBP will be awarding $10,000 to one young investigator in the field of developmental and behavioral pediatrics! This is an incredible opportunity for one individual looking to obtain financial support of their research, and just one way SDBP continues to fulfill its mission of encouraging research and promoting education within the field.

To be eligible for the SDBP Research Grant, the applicant must be an SDBP member, must not have any prior extramural funding as a principal investigator, and must be NEW Investigators, defined as: 1) faculty members who are no more than five years out from completion of all training (fellowship or post-doc); 2) clinical fellows (developmental-behavioral pediatrics and related fields); 3) post-doctoral fellows (psychology and related fields); or 4) senior residents already accepted to DBP fellowship programs (Note: other residents are NOT eligible)

The recipient of the 2015 SDBP Research Grant will be recognized at the Annual Meeting in October, and awarded a grant in the amount of $10,000 for one year.

All completed applications for the initial submissions, which include the SDBP Research Grant Award Application Form, Proposal Form, letters of support, and biographical sketches, must be submitted by April 21, 2015. NOTE: Deadline extended to April 28, 2015. Applications will not be processed if any items are missing.

The 2015 SDBP Research Grant would not be possible without your financial support. Thank you for your generous contributions, and helping to make the dreams of one young investigator come true. If you would like more information about contributing to SDBP or one of SDBP valuable programs, contact the SDBP National Office at (703) 556-9222, or email

Special Recognition Award
The Special Recognition Award is an advocacy and service award that has been given at the annual SDBP meeting for over a decade. This award provides an opportunity to recognize individuals or organizations whose work aligns with the overall mission and goals of the SDBP in promoting the developmental and behavioral health and well-being of children and families. Previous awardees have been selected from the region around the annual meeting site and presented to individuals and/or organizations during the annual meeting. The intent of this solicitation process was to help promote the visibility of the SDBP annual meeting in the city and surrounding region, minimize any costs associated with presenting the award in person, and give meeting attendees the opportunity to hear about some of the awardees work. This process has restricted the potential nominee pool to cities and the more northern half of the country and virtually eliminated international nominations. Additionally, finding time in the packed annual meeting to present the award in a way that is respectful of the awardees and the SDBP attendees has become difficult at best. For these reasons the selection criteria, process, and awarding of the SDBP Special Recognition Award has been revised as below.

Selection Criteria
The Special Recognition Award recognizes individuals and/or organizations that have made significant contributions to the field of developmental and behavioral pediatrics and whose work is consistent with the SDBP mission statement. Award criteria include but are not limited to those whose professional or organizational involvement has:

  • Produced major public benefits in the field of child development and behavior including legislative policy and law or government service
  • Led to actions to change the patterns of delivery and access to developmental and behavioral services for children
  • Led to reimbursement changes that contribute to the field of developmental and behavioral pediatrics
  • Made significant contributions to special populations of children in the areas of development and behavior
  • A documented positive influence on teaching/training in the field of developmental and behavioral

The Special Recognition Award may be presented at any time of the year, but no more than one will be awarded annually. Nominations may be made to the Advocacy Committee at any time by SDBP membership with nominators providing:

  1. A narrative statement on the individuals and/or organizations' contributions and work as related to the Selection Criteria.

  2. A brief resume (individual) or organizational description.

  3. Endorsements from other individuals or groups (encouraged).

Three members of the Advocacy Committee including the Chair will review the nominations, seek additional information from nominators and others as deemed needed, and prioritize a list of at least two and no more than four nominees. This list of nominees will be presented to the Presidents' Committee (consisting of current, past, and elect presidents) for final selection.

The awardees will be notified by the Advocacy Chair by phone and a letter signed by both the SDBP President and AC Chair. An announcement of the award will be placed in the SDBP Newsletter accompanied by a description of the awardees' work.

I would encourage everyone to think about some individuals and/or organizations that deserve the Special Recognition Award and submit nominations.